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Hi in a session I'll show you how to create a check register in Excel so for those that are not familiar with a check register when you open a checking account in most banks they will give you a little checkbook and in the checkbook in addition to the pad Rhett you write your checks there is also another pad that's called a check register that you can log down the deposit you may then check that you wrote out, so this is an online version of that in case you wanted to do some calculations to see how much you spent now with this what we can do is also do some totals because we turn this in a table, so I'll show you some kind of cool things here that here's a balance here that does a running balance so for example if I added is I click here and edit something else I say I made a deposit on five fifteen thirteen press the tab it automatically brings down that amount there, so it shows that calculation there it's basically nothing here, so it just brings that total that running total and let's say I make it a deposit of $500 oops and once I press control enter to stay in the same cell it's going to calculate it there let's say for this check mark it just means that I went online or when I got my statement I reconciled it with whatever the bank says this is basically my version of my running account and when I get a statement from the bank it's their version, so I reconcile it here in the check mark I can just do a CTRL C to copy CTRL V to paste to say that you know things have checked out they've reconciled nice thing about having it online here too is we have this little total row here which is part of the table feature in Excel let's say for example I want to see the sum of the water bills that I've had to date and I can just go under here and click on sum and maybe in the description I'll just go ahead and select water bill, or I can just use the handy dandy search feature here just type water, and it will search for water bill, so these are the two water bills want to have this is probably one it was being paid by check and I have it online here I'm go ahead and click OK you can see the water bill entries are here I have of a sum these are the sum of all the water bill payments that I've made throughout the year so far I can also kind of gauge an average there's also an average function here so maybe the average monthly payment that I'm paying or the average payments I'm paying so far is about 28 bucks, so you can do some calculations here there are other calculations that are available, but I find some an average probably going to be the most used you can also do the same for credit and in the balance so let me go ahead and show you how to create this I'm going to clear this I'm just going to go ahead and copy a couple rows from here maybe just the first four rows CTRL C to copy over in sheet — I'm going to go ahead and just paste this as values I'm not going to paste any of the formatting or anything like that show you how to do the formatting...
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